History of our club …

Starting in 1979, a group of people in Davis, California, gathered to share their interest in genealogy and family history research and they formed a club named the “Davis Genealogical Club and Library”. Ever since then, the club has shared with its members and provided meetings where special speakers could come and help us learn how to do genealogy better.

In 1983, when the new Davis Senior Center opened, one room in that building was dedicated to storing genealogy books and holding meetings. The library has remained a center for many activities, but in 2006 we shortened our name to “Davis Genealogy Club”. That was also the year we created our first website.

In 2021, with this newly revised website, we hope to welcome more people participating in our online programs — wherever they may reside.

See some photos of our events and activities on the DGC photos page.
Announcements of many of our past programs are on the DGC flyers page.

The table below lists all the past presidents of the Davis Genealogy Club and the years that they served. Included are a few of the DGC logos we have used over the years.

Past Presidents ...

1979-1988 Warren Westgate2007-2008Lisa Henderson
1988-1993 Clarence Barry2009Betty Jane Polk
1994-1997 Barbara Bacon
2010-2013Lisa Henderson
1998-2000 Inez Moran2014-2015Cynthia Steimle
2001-2003 Mary-Ann Holt
2016-2017Sue Torguson
2004 Caroline House
2018-2021Lisa Henderson
2004-2005 Betsy True
2006 Linda Luther

The California Coast Range’s “Blue Ridge” as seen from Davis looking west. (A graphic created by club member Lois Richter.)